Digital Designer


My experience covers digital design (using the Adobe Creative Suite), front-end development (HTML, CSS, javascript and jQuery), online display (HTML5) and brand development. I create responsive and mobile friendly websites and content, often from the ground up with paper and pencil. WordPress is my CMS tool of choice for building response-led or informational sites myself, but I love working along-side back-end developers to create bigger, more advanced sites.

I aim to continue expanding my development skills, keeping up to date with web trends and technologies, and be part of a friendly, creative digital team.

I’m fortunate to have a range of skills that cross the bridge between creative and development. This allows me to take a concept all the way from pencil sketches up to a working website or other digital media. Historically I worked in Flash to create animated banners or interactive content. Now with the ever growing array of HTML5 tools (such as Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer) I continue to produce such media whilst meeting modern web standards.

Outside of work, I’m a keen hiker, gamer, tea drinker and doodler! I have a quirky Illustrative style and like to work on personal projects for my online shop: which I run in my free time.


Digital Design, Front-end Development, WordPress, Online Display, Logo Design and Illustration

Software Skills

HTML, CSS and WordPress for website builds
HTML5 and Javascript (including jQuery) for interactive / animated content
Adobe Creative Suite CC for Online Display (Animate CC) and digital artwork / illustration

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